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Epic: Armor of the Gods
Location: Sorensen's Side Quest, Revolving Bridge
Skills Required: Defense, Magic Defense
Epic: Raging Lion
Location: Lelcar, Orok's Mansion
Skills Required: Stamina, Attack
Epic: Fate Control
Location: Sable, Solis' Manor
Skills Required: Attack, Technique
Epic: Swift Foot
Location: Ranro Mountain
Skills Required: Techique, Agility
Epic: Divine Right
Location: Nirva Island, Outside Lighthouse
Skills Required: Magic, Incantation
Epic: Triple Harmony
Location: Doraat, Fortress
Skills Required: Attack, Vitality, Agility
Epic: Sacred Oath
Location: The boss of Eresh's Dungeon, Shepcesska, Eresh's side quest.
Skills Required: All Magic Skills: Magic, Magic Defense, Incantation, Sword of Magic
Epic: Untold Clarity
Location: Sauronix Castle, lower level, hidden by a dragon horse
Skills Required: All Combat Skills except Stamina: Attack, Defense, Technique, Vitality, Agility
Note: This is, possibly, the hardest item to find in the game. In Sauronix Castle, head down the long stairs southeast near Craig's room. At the very bottom, exit outside. Here, head all the way west until you come upon a path that goes upwards. Follow this all the way up to the next screen. Here, head all the way south and you'll see a Dragon Horse looking to the southeast.
Follow this line of sight and you'll find the chest. You may have to press X around for a while, and play with the camera with R1 to actually find it though.
Epic: All-Out Strike
Location: Gordius, Dragon Horse Caves
Skills Required: Vitality, Agility, Incantation
Epic: Royal Paradise
Location: Godwin Castle
Skills Required: All Physical and Magical skills: Stamina, Attack, Defense,
Technique, Vitality, Agility, Magic, Magic Defense, Incantation, Sword of Magic
Epic: Zen Sword
Location: West Palace
Skills Required: Attack, Incantation

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